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How to counter Viper

Hello everyone, today we will see how to Counter Viper. Let’s start with the skills. Poison Attack is an orb that damages and slows attack and movement speed of the opponent, good to gank and to harass the enemies in lane. Nethertoxin increases your damage based on the missing hps of the enemies, in this way it is easier to last hit and in 1vs1 situations you could be able to win only cause to the extra damage when you and the enemy are both with low hp. Corrosive Skin increases your magic resistance and slows and damages enemies that hit you. Viper Strike is a nuke that poisons the opponent and significantly slows attack and movement speed, until the mid game usually causes certain death of the enemy hit.


1) Heroes with blink can easily escape from his heavy slow
2) Heroes with spells that inflict pure damage can avoid his magic resist and slow, for example bane (mainly early)
3) The illusions can help to confuse the opponent that could waste his ultimate
4) Heroes with a greater range can harass without being attacked, for example Drow or Sniper
5) Heavy nukers that are able to totally harass him in lane
6) Pushers with creeps since Viper has no aoe, such as Broodmother with her spiders
7) Avoid a melee in lane
8) Heroes able to stun and deal with him at close range since Viper is really squishy
9) Lycan is immune to slows during the ultimate, so is considered a good hero for gank Viper, but of course in early Viper will deal much more damage.


1) Always carry a teleport with you, Viper has no stun and teleport is the best way to escape from his ultimate.
2) Manta in teamfight helps to confuse the opponent that could waste his ultimate and his hits
3) Hood for magic resistance
4) For some heroes (usually casters, for a carry is better a bkb) a linken sphere is great for avoiding his ultimate


From level 6 Viper usually starts to gank, with his ultimate will almost certainly ensure a kill, keep the map warded so you will spot him.
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