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The T21 is an American light tank tier 6. Good mobility but not excellent speed, high visual range, good camo. Few armor and large silhouette that makes it an easier target. Average guns with high attack speed.

Skills and Perks

1) Camouflage: enemies must be closer to see you

2) Brothers in Arms: a buff to different aspects of the tank

3) Sixth Sense: let you to know if you have been identified by the enemy

4) Recon: increases your range of vision

5) Snap Shot: decreases the precision penality when you move the turret


The tank can play both as a scout owing to its remarkable vision, but does not excel in rushs because of its not great movement speed. Or as a flanker, you can inflict large amounts of damage to opponents attacking sides due to the attack speed of your weapons.

Scout Rush
A common belief on light tanks, at least looking at the myriad of deaths it causes, is that in early game you should run into the enemy base to show the location of enemy tanks, which is totally useless since the game has just begun and will cause your death in no time. If you're really lucky and manage to dodge the shoots of more than 10 tanks at the same time trying to destroy you, you may reach an spg and kill him thus causing great damage to the enemy team, but they are more unique than rare cases, so do not waste your life.
If you want to show the location of enemy tanks, wait a few minutes after the start of the match so that the tanks are scattered on the map, you will provide valuable information to your mates and your chances to survive will be significantly higher.

Stationary Scout
Early game you can reach favorable positions before any other tank in order to gain control of the movements on the map. Advance in others locations according to the movements of your team, in order to provide vision of the various areas.

Reach the maximum speed and ram the artillery and light tanks hurting them from sides, in this way you will deal great damage and eventually kill them, preserving as much as possible your hps.

The objectives are to provide vision to the team and kill the artillery and less armored targets, to do this it is necessary to penetrate the enemy lines and flank the enemy tanks. I tell you in advance that it is wrong to move from bush to bush, you have to use your speed, do not become stationary targets and above all remember that when crossing an open field the enemy team will know exactly where you are even if you hide in a bush later.
The best way to advance is to run, on every map there are points more or less favorable and therefore it’s needed a little of practice to figure out where to go, in general prefer to move to the sides of the map and in areas where you can reach high speeds so that it is more difficult snipe you at distance.
At this point try to flank the enemy so that your weapons will be able to penetrate them without problems, your main goal remains the spgs, kill them will bring a significant advantage to your team.


As usual the higher level modules. As weapon the 76 mm Gun M1A2, average stats for this level, the high attack speed will cause great damage at close range

-Improved Ventilation: buffs various aspects of the tank of approximately 2.5% on average
If you play as a passive scout:
-Coated Optics: increases the range of vision of 10%
-Camouflage Net: +25% to camouflage if tank doesn’t move for 3 seconds
If you play as Flanker:
-Vertical Stabilizer: 20% reduction to the precision penalties
-Tank Gun Rammer: -10% reload time

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