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Mesmer Shatter dps

Hi all
In this guide I will explain how to play a mesmer with a shatter build full dps. The purpose of the build is to get a lot of damage and burst through the shatter and with the heavy critics caused by you and illusions. Has a significant amount of disables and many escapes via teleport and invisibility. It’s designed primarily for wvw and pvp.

I Mind Wrack causes 20% more damage
III illusions deal 15% more damage
Others passives: Inflict 5 seconds of vulnerability when you stop an enemy, inflicts daze cause also 3 seconds of vulnerability

IV +50 precision when using a sword, reduces the recharge time of skills by 20%
X create a clone in your position when using dodge
Others passives: gain 1 second of vigor with critical hits, illusions inflict bleeding with critical hits

III 3% damage for active illusion
VI recharge all your shatter skills when you reach 50% hp
XI using shatter apply the effect on yourself too
Others passives: the skills that evoke illusions recharge 20% faster, all shatter skills inflict confusion, using shatter gives you might

Primary: Sword and Sword

1) Mind Slash hits the enemy and makes him vulnerable
2) Blurred Frenzy hits 8 times the enemy distorting the space around you, you avoid attacks for 2 seconds
3) Illusionary Leap evokes an illusion that jump on the target and slow him / you change position with the clone immobilizing nearby enemies
4) Illusionary Replies freezes the enemy and creates an illusion / shoot a beam that applies daze to enemies on a line
5) Phantasmal Swordsman creates an illusion that attacks the enemy

Secondary: Staff

1) Winds of Chaos throws a energy ball that bounces between enemies and allies, applying conditions and boons
2) Phase Retreat teleports you away from the target, creating a clone that uses Winds of Chaos
3) Phantasmal Warlock evokes an illusion that deals extra damage for each unique conditions on the target
4) Chaos Armor gives you a magic armor that inflicts conditions to enemies and boons to yourself when you are hit
5) Chaos Storm creates a magical storm in an area that applies random boons to allies and conditions to enemies


F1) Mind Wrack destroys all illusions damaging nearby enemies
F2) Cry of Frustation destroys all illusions causing confusion to nearby enemies
F3) Diversion destroy all illusions causing daze to the enemy
F4) Distortion destroy all illusions gaining 1 second of distortion for every illusion


6) Ether Feast you heal and gain extra heal for each active illusion
7) Mirror Images summons two clones
8) Blink teleport yourself to a point
9) Decoy gain invisibility and summon an illusion that attacks the target
0) Mass Invisibility you and allies gain stealth for a short period

Stats and equip

As stats give priority to Power, precision, critical damage.
You can find these stats in the Berserker (Crafted) and in the armors of Arah and citadel of flame.
As jewel the berserker

About rune the Superior rune of the Air that gives:
1) +2% Critical Damage
2) +20% Swiftness duration
3) +3% Critical Damage
4) When you use a healing skill gain swiftness for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
5) +5% Critical Damage
6) 20% chance to gain Lightning Strike when you are hit. (Cooldown: 10s)

Increase your critical damage and gain swiftness when you heal in order to easily escape from enemies.

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