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Team set up - Dota 2

Hi all
A frequent question is: What is the ideal composition of a team?
The answer is not simple and above all there is not only right way. Depending on the organization you have chosen with your buddies or the situation that is created with the picks made by random players with whom you have been paired by the matchmaking, you can create multiple possibilities.


Let's start with data of public matches that have been recorded using the database of Dotabuff.
Greaeter win rate was found in matchs with only 1 carry, a variable number of disablers and the remaining heroes that cover the other roles. Team with 2-3 carry instead reduce their win percentages dramatically up to 32% with 5-carry.

From another point of view, the teams consisting of several ranged heroes have a greater % of victories compared to those formed by a greater number of melee.
Finally, those with 4 str and 1 int heroes have a win % higher than the others combinations of str, agi, int. The explanation is simple, str heroes have more hp, so theyare less likely to die and then the opposing team will gain less exp as a result.

These are only the data of public matches, they have nothing to do with professional tournaments or sufficient organized teams. They are, however, interesting since they represent the current state of matchmaking.

Standard Compositions

A) The most common one, which is based on supporting the carry for late game, is composed (with priority to farm) from: Hard carry – semi carry -Utility x2 (for utility I mean ganker, initiator, pusher, support) – pure support (the slave of wards etc.).
B) The team that relies on push trying to win the game by mid game: 2 pushers, 1 utility, 1 initiator, 1 carry for mid game.
I organized today a game with this kind of formation in order for you to understand what is the massive push, look at the replay to get an idea. You can watch the replay opening the game with a link from Dotabuff , or go the game interface go to watch-> recent games-> filter-> id match and here enter the id of the match in question: 81018682. Between one month replay is no longer available so I have uploaded the replay on the site, you can download it from here , follow the instructions to run it in the game.


In general, there are some key points to follow, especially for public matches but also with friends if you aren’t really organized in the choice of heroes and tactics:
- Do not take too many carries, 1-2 max
- Always have an initiator
- Try to have more disables as possible
- At least one support that is dedicated to its role with diligence
- A good ganker is always handy and can change the destiny of every lane

To win it’s needed the cooperation of the team. Everyone should always bring a scroll of teleportation in order to help a lane in danger (ganking or counter ganking). If you have a single support then help him buying wards since he won’t be able to handle a wardwar with the opposing team alone (occurs when the supports of the team are committed to ward/counter warding points on the map from which you can understand the movements of the enemy and perform a series of ganks, for example having always under control your jungle they can easily gank the jungler or any hero that crosses the area alone). Do not ignore the calls for help of your friends, if their tower falls, if the enemy carry in their lane farm safely, all will affect the game of whole team.


It’s therefore necessary to think not according to what you want to play at the moment but depending on what your team needs, do not play individually, but work with the team, sacrifice one's usual build for the victory shifting the focus on items that are necessary to the team (for example, if the only support bought wards all time, has not money at all and can’t buy fundamental items like the mekansm in a short time).

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